First Sunday School class, Sept. 18, 2016

Beth Haskalah Sunday School September 18th, 10 am, the Summit

Forgiveness is the main focus of our first Sunday school class as we approach the High Holidays.
How do our children look at their actions and how they affect others? How do we react to things we shouldn’t have done? How do we react to things that others should not have done? How do our families handle these? How do your friends handle these?
How do we get things back to normal after someone has done something that has hurt another?

As Humanistic Jewish parents, we want our children to be caring about interactions with others. We also do not want them to be hurt by others. Our relationships with others are our primary focus. Our helping our children making good choices is the goal of our rearing them.
Our class will be directed towards helping our children make decisions about both their actions and what to do when their consequences had not been anticipated.

I hope the students will bring their own stories of wanting to be forgiven and accepting requests for forgiveness from others.
See you at 10 am, at the Summit, next Sunday.

BH Study Group 9/11/16

Cultural Jew Humanistic Jew Secular Jew
Social Jew Gustatory Jew non-theistic Jew

Beth Haskalah’s first study group will help us better understand what it is to be a Humanistic Jew. Like all first BH study groups we will get a explanation of what Humanistic Judaism is, including a opportunity to ask questions to get clarification. The difference at this study group will be helping you understand what your personal perspective on a Humanistic Jew is and what it mean for your view of the world.
Being a Humanistic Jew involves two parts: What does it mean to be a humanist? and What does it mean to be a Jew? Then we have to put this all together.

See you Sunday night at the Summit, at 7 pm.
Shalom, Barry