Study Group on Ahmadiyya Islam- Sunday, 2/12

Shalom.  The Beth Haskalah study group (TWO WEEKS FROM NOW) at the Summit, on Sunday, February, 12th  7 pm, will bring us two special guests. My friend, Mubarak Bashir, the Director of Faith Outreach for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and its imam, Imam Hamid Malik, will join us.   From them, we will learn the basics of Islam and its place in the world.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a unique part of the Muslim community (pacifistic, for the separation of church and state, and for interfaith cooperation) and we will appreciate its special place within this world.  But recent events have changed some of the dialogue Americans are having.  I hope we will learn about Islam and understand the way the Ahmadiyya community expresses its devotion to Islam.  But I also  hope we will be able to discuss some way to react to the tragic situation that has been perpetrated upon all of us.

Hope to see you there,,
Shalom, Barry Swan
madrikh, Beth Haskalah