Sunday, April 9th Study Group- Trump and Jews

Shalom. Our April study group will a discussion of the current administration and their relationship with Jews. It will be Sunday, April 9th at 7 pm at the Summit.

There seems to be an increased interaction of Trump and Jews. Some of his appointments come with anti-Semitic baggage. Some are Jews with Wall Street or other baggage. There are Jews in his family, some of whom are in his administration. There are some of his supporters who have taken his pronouncements to be an encouragement to hype up anti-Semitic activities on their own. Then there is the complicated relationship with Netanyahu and Israel.

Which of these are a sign of trouble? Which are just “business as usual” and opponents are being too critical?

Please feel free to bring articles or other examples on this controversial and sensitive topic.

See you on April 9th.

Shalom, Barry