Jan. 19-BH Study Group on George Soros

Shalom. The Beth Haskalah study group for January will be on Sunday, January 13th at 7 pm at Ellie’s. Please call me at 585-329-3305 for directions.

We will be looking at the complicated issue of George Soros. He was a penniless Holocaust survivor who became the amazing investor who “broke the Bank of England”, although he would rather have been a philosopher. He was also investing heavily in post-Soviet Europe, attempting to spread democracy there. His actions included founding a university in Hungary to support the free exchange of ideas. This was so controversial that the university has been expelled from Hungary.

To further complicate the perception of George Soros, the conservative right has decided to use him like previous generations used the Rothschild family. 21st century anti-semitism has been linked to another Jew, George Soros, as well as the concept of globalism.

See you on the 13th next year.

Shalom, Barry