Humanistic High Holiday Services

Humanistic High Holiday Services

Even though the surplus of heat and humidity do not even hint that autumn is coming, the calendar tells us the Jewish New Year is on its way.

As Humanist Jews, we can use this time to review the last year. We can review the good things we have done and plan how we will make this next year even better. We can also assess what we did this year which we should not have done and what we should have done which we did not.

The Jewish High Holidays for 5779 are:

Rosh Hashanah on Sunday, September 9th at 5 pm.
Yom Kippur “Break the Fast” on Wednesday, September 19th.

For Rosh Hashanah, we will have our
service starting at 5 pm, to be followed
by our potluck. To err is
We will celebrate Yom Kippur with a short human, “Breaking the Fast” service at 6 pm To forgive, before breaking our fast. human. Call me (585-329-3305)
if you have any questions.

Please contact me (Barry Swan 585-329-3305, to get more information including driving directions. Please also let me know how many people will attend and what you will bring to the potluck. [If you need help deciding what to bring to the vegan potluck, Ellie may be able to help you. (585-271-2116)]

Looking forward to seeing you.

Shalom, Barry Swan, madrikh, Beth Haskalah