Upcoming Events April 8, 2108 study group

The April Beth Haskalah Study Group will discuss a religious point of view that has had a great influence on contemporary political approaches.  Evangelicalism (and especially its followers who support the current president)  is understood, misunderstood, and more widespread in its influence than most people realize.
  We will discuss what evangelicalism is and who are its followers and what influence they have.  We will also separate what it is from “fundamentalism”.  Since fundamentalism is also found in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shintoism (think the Japanese emperor-god during World War II), these religious understandings have demonstrated power in many societal and political sectors.
We will discuss all this at our study group on Sunday, April 8th, at 7 pm at the Five Star Bank located on Westfall Road.  (This is the same corner area of the COSTCO and just down the street from where we held our vegan seder.  The simplest entrance is from Westfall Road and it is located to the left as you turn toward Costco, which is to the right.)
The room we use has bathrooms, sinks, and a hot water spout. 
(I am sorry for the lateness of this announcement.  I had a problem making the reservation for the Five Star Bank room.) 
Please call  if you have any question (585-329-3305 or baswan@aol.com).  
Shalom, Barry

Barry SWAN